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Booklyng enables hotels of all sizes to use the same sophisticated technology that OTAs use to boost their online sales but at an affordable price.

Our solutions are responsive and work seamlessly on any device.

Their design and configuration adapt to any corporate brand requirement.

Persuade the right customer at the right time with the right incentive.


You can discover all our popup products by navigating through the tabs on the left side.


A simple popup that consists of text and a button

Smart Popup

Smart, non-intrusive popups with a fully customizable design. They can be used with unlimited segmentation variables to implement any business rule or strategy.

A popup that applies a coupon after entering the email and name

Retain & Recover

It prevents visitors to leave without booking and applies a coupon automatically after registration. Main elements are a smart popup with registration and a retargeting email to get lost visitors back to book)

A popup that saves the search of the customer after entering the email and name

Save your Search

It sends the search results to the visitor by email. Through this email, the customer gets back to the same search results (same hotel, dates, etc. he had chosen) with a simple click. His contact data can be used for future remarketing campaigns.

A Service Card that informs the customer about the advantages of direct booking

Service Card

Ready-to-use theme to quickly create a "service card" to highlight some key hotel services and features.

A popup that applies a coupon with one click

One Click Coupon

Show off promotions to persuade your visitors to book. Apply discounts easily or refer to a web URL. Use different incentives according to the visitor's business value or the step of the booking process.

A popup with minimal design that applies a coupon with one click

One Click Coupon Minimal Design

Engage with visitors using minimalist designs. Better suited for small screen devices, such as a tablet or mobile phones. Apply promo codes or special actions on click.


Multioffer product that enables the visitor to choose between 2 offers


Increase the chances to delight and persuade your visitors to book by providing them with 2 or 3 different promotions. The visitors can choose their preferred one through this easy interactive layer. Uncover the preferences of your visitors by segmenting and analyzing what promotion they choose.

See how our Multioffer works in detail by watching our demo video.


A notification which only consists of text

Text only

Customizable according to your visitors' business value and/or behaviour. Make any message relevant using unlimited segmentation variables. Add interactivity to apply a promo code or to open new actions on clicks.

A Notification displayed only as an icon

Icon only

This is especially useful to attract the users' attention and, on click, it can open another action. It's the most popular notification on mobile devices.

A notification which consists of an icon and text

Text & Icon

A more engaging design using a combination of Icon and Text to display information, apply a promo code or open another action by clicking on it.

A notification that consists of an icon, text and 2 Call-to-Actions

Text & Icon and 2 CTAs

Ask for the user's consent or ask him to choose between two alternatives and, based on this choice, personalize the visitor's booking journey (show a new action, apply a promo code, take the user to another URL...)

A notification which consists of an icon and text that informs the customer of the number of people searching for the same dates

Text & Icon - Searches

Notification that informs about the number of people currently searching for the same dates to increase the feeling of scarcity.

A Notification that informs the customer about the number of visitors of the website

Number of visitors

Create a sense of urgency or scarcity by informing the user about the current number of visitors on the website.

Screenshot of the Notification with extended information on hover

Extended Info

Flexible notification, that shows additional information on hover, that can be beautified with icons.

A thin bar with 100% width that notifies the customer about something

Smart Bar

Smart bar notification which can be positioned on the top or bottom of the screen, width 100%. It can be used to apply a coupon, open another action, refer to a different URL or just show text information.

A notification that displays hotel reviews


Notification that can display customer's Reviews to boost trust and likelihood of undecided online visitors to book.

A notification which gives tips for a specific element on the website


Tooltips are text labels that appear on top of an element, within the website or booking engine, to attract the user's focus. They may contain a brief explainer text to highlight an offer, a special price or to guide the customer to complete the booking.

Notification product which grants access to push notifications

Push Notifications

Web Push Notifications are clickable rich content messages. They are sent to your visitors' devices, mobile or desktop, by your website through Booklyng, even when the user is not on your website. These notifications can only be sent, using custom rules and advanced segmentation, to users who have opted-in to receive these notifications.

All details are explained in the demo video.

Customer Journeys

It is possible to combine and orchestrate any Booklyng solutions with each other, easily. Use the following Customer Journey templates, to simplify the process of building these proven successful, persuasive and dynamic booking experience even further. You are ready to go in minutes!

Customer Journey product consisting of a notification, a popup and a countdown clock

Customer Journey with registration

It simplifies and guides you through the stages of building a sophisticated booking experience with multiple elements: a Smart notification, a Smart Popup and a Countdown Clock. It keeps and adds all the associated capabilities of each element, such as the exit-intent algorithm, the remarketing email and the advanced segmentation, etc.

Customer Journey multioffer product consisting of a notification, multioffer, popup and countdown clock

Customer Journey with Multioffer

This variant creates a set of actions built around a multioffer, which will be initiated by a notification. The customer can decide between two offers. After clicking on the preferred offer, a popup with registration will appear. By entering the email and name, the coupon will be applied automatically and the countdown clock will appear to create a sense of urgency. These actions are orchestrated to create a "push and persuasive" customer experience.

Other Services

Screenshot of Chatbot product


Smart Chatbot using Artificial Intelligence to answer questions and messages automatically about services and features of the hotel. The answer can be personalized for every hotel.

Watch out demo video to see the chatbot in action.

A/B-Test/Multivariate Testing

The letters AB to symbolise A/B-Tests and Multivariate Testing

A tool to set experiments that measure the performance of different actions or promotions through the configuration of Multivariate or A/B testing.

CSS Injection

The letters CSS and curly brackets to symbolise CSS-injection

Deploy and load custom CSS code across any page of the website, or any step of the booking engine, using sophisticated business rules and unlimited segmentation variables.

JavaScript Injection

The word JavaScript and the smybol of JavaScript to symbolise JavaScript injection

A tool to deploy and load custom JavaScript code across any page of the website, or any step of the booking engine, using sophisticated business rules and unlimited segmentation variables.

Analytics Dashboard

Booklyngs Analytics Dashboard with different statistics about the website visitors

Analytics Dashboard

Our brand new Analytics Dashboard provides you with all necessary data to understand what happens on your website, without any IT- or Google Analytics knowledge needed. We display the following data in our Dashboard:

  • Booked nights by country
  • Searched nights by country
  • Visits per date 
  • Check-in searched in the period
  • Booked Check-ins
  • Conversion per date 
  • Visits by country 
  • Actions by country 
  • Length of stay booked by country
  • Length of stay searched by country 

Use our Dashboard to understand your customers better and to personalize your offers to their needs.


Easy Orchestration

Two Popups in Blackfriday design


We provide 15+ ready to use products in the Black Friday theme. Don't miss out on the biggest shopping day of the year and create beautiful designs with our templates in minutes.

Three Popups in christmas design

New Years Eve/Christmas

Give your customers a unique booking experience during Christmas and New Years Eve with our ready to use, beautiful templates. Personalization for special occasions as easy as it gets.

Three actions in Valentines Day design

Valentine's Day

Surprise your customers in love with stunning templates for Valentine's Day. You guarantee a unique stay, we guarantee a unique booking experience.

Technical Specifications

Advanced Segmentation:

Advanced Triggers:

Variables and business rules available:

  • Revenue management rules 
  • User business value 
  • User behavior 
  • The step of the booking process 
  • Origin of the visit (email, SEO, SEM, metas, ...)
  • GEO-segmentation (city, country, area, ...) 
  • Type of technology (device, browser, ...)
  • Cookies (i.e. history and/or interaction) 
  • JavaScript variables 
  • Custom variables via JavaScript 
  • Query parameters 
  • Data layer variables 

User's actions and website events available:

  • Exit Intent
  • No room availability
  • Step of the booking process 
  • Total booking value 
  • Type of room selected
  • Page view 
  • Click
  • Source URL (e.g. meta-search engines) 
  • Parameters in the URL (e.g. UTM value) 
  • On-page elements or values 
  • Time of inactivity 
  • Time on page 
  • Form submission
  • JavaScript error 
  • Scroll down the page 
  • Personalized event 

We create great Customer Journeys!

Use our sophisticated technology to realize amazing booking experiences to skyrocket your sales. The possibilities are endless, your imagination and creativity is the limit! See it yourself:

Free airport campaign which contains out of two popups and two notifications

Loyalty Club combined with free airport transfer

This booking journey combines different elements, such as a 10% Loyalty Club popup that is triggered on abandon to retain those clients that have not signed up for the same yet. In addition to it, if the website visitor is a loyalty club member and if his total reservation value is over 1000€, then a smart notification is displayed to inform the visitor that he qualifies for a free airport transfer. By clicking, a popup shows the conditions of the free airport transfer. The customer also receives an email to confirm the free transfer once he completes the reservation.

Segmentation based on lenth of stay and country

In this Customer Journey, visitors are retained with a discount that varies according to the segment they belong defined by country and number of nights (longer stays get higher discounts). They must sign-up to get the discount. An automated email remarketing is sent to recover them, in case they don't complete the booking process. Different countdowns are used according to the promotion shown, that differ in the time available to apply for the same.

An example of a customer journey which consists out of three popups, two notifications and one countdown clock


Download our products and services overview to get a summary of all our products and services in one pdf. You can go to our service plans page to get more information about our available services, too. 

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